Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fire, Lefty, Nomad and Duende!

Last year we had some bad fires in California that made the sky thick of nasty smoke. It was hard to breathe and ride. These fires didn't really come near Auburn but it sure felt like it. We couldn't ride hard for weeks. It was depressing. Last weekend we had a fire in Auburn that made national news and consumed over 60 homes and businesses. That fire was hardly felt in our canyon and we kept on riding. This picture is from last year when Tina, Kirstie and I decided to ride despite the poor air quality. We rode the Forest Divide Loop Trail and ended the ride with an adult beverage at the Middle Fork of the American River. Kirstie rode a Cannondale Lefty at the time. Doesn’t it look unbalanced with a fork offset to the left like that? It’s an interesting concept. It was best described by a guy we met on the trail. He said “it’s like getting a blowjob from a guy. Everything feels fine until you look down!”. Andy Olmstead said it differently, he said “It’s like walking a tightrope, keep going and don’t look down”. You did well on your Lefty, Kirstie. I imagine it’s every bikes dream to ride as many trails as possible. You rode it on some crazy trails where it had to be ridden like a Pogo stick. No wonder that fork is busted. So now you’ve moved on to a Nomad! I thought your Nomad rode like a dream and agree with the gal that said “After riding a Nomad you wonder why they make other bikes”.
My only hesitation is that it is too fun. It makes the normal jumps and rock gardens seem like nothing and we need a new thrill. Then we start looking at jumps we've seen Shawn fly way high off and I ….stop myself thinking I don’t want to end up in the East Wing of Kaiser. There is that thin line between life and death that the gypsies call “duende”. It’s a kick and a half! Can riding be fun and safe at the time? I’m not sure but please stay on the living side of "duende".

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