Thursday, December 17, 2009

Girls on the East Side Hit Northstar on the Back Side

(We found the back side of Northstar had fewer people and more powder than the main trails. Right up our alley).
(Hey, what happened to Livewire?)

What do you do when your home town trails have been washed out and the snow has fallen thick in the mountains? . . . you head up to your usual mtb park and trade in the bike for skis -- for now. (Two of the three Girls pictured here with one daughter on the snowboard. She's a bad-ass in her own rights on the board. That's the way it's done darling).

That was Monday. Today the trails had a chance to dry out a little, and although there were a few slippery areas, some lines washed out and tree branches littering the trails -- it was an awesome ride! In fact on Flood Trail (aptly named) a fallen tree lay across the trail with a bare branch on the ground and the bushy part of the rest of the tree making a perfect arch above it. The obstacle at first caught me off guard and I grabbed a handful of brakes, then my brain quickly processed it as something fun to try and hopping my bike over the branch while at the same time crouching down to fit snuggly through the opening of the other leafy branches, it was an obstacle that rivaled any made at a bike park. Yeeehaa! All that was left to do was light the branches on fire and I could have lept through a burning ring (nod to the Man In Black). Just joking -- even though the canyon was still quite damp, no one is recommending lighting anything on fire, ever, I assure you. Luckily where we live there will be plenty more winter riding ahead -- and we'll hit up more skiing too. It's good to cross train and you can't beat it when it's so much fun!


  1. We are fortunate to live in the Sierra fothills, above the fog and below the snow. A commom dilemma during winter is "shall we ride or shall we ski?". Right after a storm it's usually better to ski and enjoy the powder while letting the trails dry up a little. Thanks for posting this,Kirstie. It was a memomable day.

  2. Always having fun. I'm jealous