Monday, February 1, 2010

CCCX #5 DH Race Results

Women's Sport Class

1 328w 3'52''.86 Mary Moncorg'e unattached Livermore
2 338w 4'09''.31 Tina Wilson Girls on The East Side Auburn
3 312W 4'19''.08 Ayshe Tuncer Chainsmoke Aptos
4 310W 4'26''.22 Jill Henrich Chainsmoke Sunnyvale
5 337w 4'28''.39 Kirstie Douglass Girls on the East Side Auburn
7 320w 4'41''.66 Natalie Morris Ventana Sacramento
Full race results here . . .

It was a beautiful weekend for a race in Salinas, CA. The sun was finally shining after weeks of clouds and rain. We pushed our bikes up a two mile hill to the top of the course for practices and the race -- thank goodness the course was fast and fun (see the "Thumbs Up" post on course conditions two posts down) -- which always makes it worth it! The riding was great and the atmosphere was too. It's so satisfying being around a group of people who share your passion for MTBing and the comradery is inspiring! The Girls on the East Side met the Dirt Divas (how gang do we sound?) and hope to do some riding in Santa Cruz sometime. Looking forward to more races in the season - yeaaaah!

(Race photo of Tina and practice photo of Kirstie taken by Rick Rasmussen).


  1. Great job girls! I'm proud of you. Sounds like a fun event. I hope to join you next time.

  2. I heard there was a guy helping you girls out. I hope that worked out for you