Sunday, March 14, 2010


With all the rain it's been a bit muddy around here lately. Luckily, it doesn't stop us from doing what we love the most! However, it does mean that almost as much time is spent on clean up as it is on riding -- and sometimes you have to choose your lines competing with where the water is running -- and even past some waterfalls in rocky areas where there hadn't been a waterfall before. (It catches you a little off-guard when you come flying up to it). It all just adds to the gooey, slippery, sludgy excitement. It's in complete juxtaposition to the gritty, powdery dirt of summertime at Northstar -- which I am dreaming of too.

Since the Gold Country Gravity Cup Series in Auburn (our backyard) starts in three weeks and there is training to be had, I hope Stonewall has a chance to dry out a little because here we come! Muddy or not.