Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back On Bike

Man what a feeling. To be back on a mountain bike. Yesterday I got back on the trail and rode, really rode for the first time since the fracture. No doctor's note required -- we know what our bodies need and can handle. Mine told me it was time to ride. The first section of single track on the Culvert trail was a little harry. I didn't remember the line being so rutted out and I could feel the chatter in my elbow, but nothing that was telling me to stop. When Tina and I got to the end of the Culvert trail I said to her, 'when were there so many rocks involved in mountain biking?' Haha, we had a good laugh. And then I followed 'Her Quickness' down Clementine and I marvelled over every section of the trail. Wow! What a feeling. My legs were burning, my lungs were working and my heart was beating right out of my chest. I'm sure my heart was pounding not just because I've gotten a little-out-of-mtb-shape but because I'm so in love. So in love with mountain biking.

See you out there!


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