Sunday, January 3, 2010

Girls On The East Side hit the East Side.

What a fun day. Yesterday was a valuable but long day of practicing coaching techniques for the Placer Foothill Mountain Bike Club for high school kids so we had to ride like we minded our behavior, but today we got to tear it up on the East Side. East Side Girls on the East Side, literally! We were psyched because we don’t ride on the east side as much as we would like to. We had a brave “joiner inner” named Lisa Auchincloss. Rarely do women riders want to ride with us. Lisa is a strong road rider for U.C. Davis but she also enjoys mountain biking. She did great on the east side and discovered her new favorite trails. We hope that she'll join us again. In the first picture we are getting ready to ride the East Side which had been swept by fire last summer. Lisa took the picture of Marianne, Kirstie and Tina. In the second picture we have Lisa, Tina and Kirstie getting ready for the fun thrill of Stonewall. At the end of the day we were freckled by mud and enjoyed a Single Track beer and a Gobble Me Please sandwich from Tsuda's Eatery. Yum. What a perfect day. Thanks ladies. Next Sunday we'll hit it harder!

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  1. i'm indonesian's very happy moment that you have.but specially for me really i want do that with you.what a nice day with you all.i only wacht your picture from indonesia.have a good time forever.