Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding In The Rain

A little rain and mud never hurt anyone -- in fact I am of the opinion it is good for anyone. Today we had an amazing ride in the 'inclement conditions'.
Obligatory post-ride photo.
Marianne was cracking up because at one point in the ride I had mud all over my teeth. I said it must have been because I smiling the whole way. Fortunate for us we knew the trails so well because visibility was not on our side -- glasses all fogged up and spattered with rain drops and mud. We didn't miss a beat though.
I couldn't put my washing machine through that mess so after washing my bike (in the now pouring rain) and then my helmet, goggles, gloves, shoes, camel back I had to strip down outside and hose off my clothes as well. We were covered -- and we were happy.


  1. That was a fun ride. We should have brought a camera. The colors were amazing in the canyon.

  2. Wow! You are a super cute Kirstie girl