Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Fat Finger to Knee Injuries

Arrrgghh.  I haven't blown dirt out of my nose in weeks!  

I haven't escaped.  I haven't been captivated by the sound of dirt tearing underneath my tires. I haven't felt my heart beat blood through every vein in my body.  I haven't been so single minded that all other thoughts are crowded out except for the trail and my bike. 

Instead, I have a constant nagging pain in my knee and the glare of life without my bike. . . (not for too much longer I hope!  Then I will come back with more focus and determination to be faster in the corners and get more heighth to clear bigger jumps!).

1 comment:

  1. Get a tandom moutainbike and take off the rear cranks and have a friend take you on a good long downhill. There is quite a chance for filling your nostrils full of mother earth and you dont have to worry about pedaling and hurting your knee more...What? I'm just trying to be helpful. lol. Seriously though, sorry your down for a bit. Hope you heal fast.