Monday, August 17, 2009

Tina is Smokin

I met Tina a couple of years ago in the canyon. We rode with a big group that got divided into smaller groups and Tina was the other girl in our small group. We headed down the Confluence Trail and I tried to keep up with Tina. She had an amazing line and a confident style that was admirable. The guys were talking about her. I had never seen a girl ride like that. I couldn't keep up, she so smoked me, but I tried and I had fun during the short distance that I could follow her line. At the end of the ride I asked her if she would ride with me when I got a better bike. She gave me her number. A couple of months went by and I got my new bike and I called her. We met by the Confluence and rode up the hill and had fun getting to know each other until we got to the "no talking down hill" single track overlooking the Middle fork of the American River. Tina joked for me to stay on her ass and it's been a joke between us ever since. (I could return to that in another blog entry). She was nice enough to slow down for me so I could ride her line and we did that every couple of days for at least 50 rides until she felt that she had created her "Mini Me". Often we'd switch so I would ride in front of her and she would stay right on my ass and watch what I was doing and let me know what I could improve. Eventually I would ride her line right on her ass and at times we were flying. But then recently I noticed how hard it is to keep up, she's way ahead of me and all I see is her dust cloud. Tina is really good and she undoubtedly got better. Tina is smokin! I don't know if it's the Gym or the boyfriend or a combination of the two. Whatever it is it's working. I'm sure Tina will be smokin in her next race.

Today my daughter took me to the mall for back to school shopping. She had me come with her to the dressing room of a new store called PINK. On the door of the dressing room I read "Tina is smokin"! I'm not kidding, it was engraved by the store design team. You would think I wrote it but I didn't.
Pretty soon Kirstie will be back riding with us and she'll be smokin in no time because she is so mentally ready to ride with us. When she does I should go to the PINK store to add "Kirstie is Smokin". That Nomad bike is really working for her. (In another blog you'll learn how we met Kirstie).

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