Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Video For You


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  1. More than ever I realize what a complete fuddy duddy I have (happily) become.
    To avoid giving offense, let me be clear: I think you gals should absolutely continue your marvelous full faced helmet downhilling adventures with brazen gusto. Your amazing bikes and your amazing skills always bring a smile. Which is only partially due to the fact that my position in the story is that of comic relief: the aging man on the cheap (and never, EVER to be upgraded) bike who gets no kick from the champagne of trucking up to a sweet, obstacled course. The old campaigner whose first goals never evolved, and remained his only goals: exercise and a quiet communion with Nature. I've never even clipped in. My shorts have no gel in them. I ride with a nerdy back back full of tools. Heck, people who've never seen my boyish face might consider my approach and think I'm retired and trying not to injure myself so as not to spoil thanksgiving with the grandkids.
    One of the things I love about this blog is seeing how far you ladies have left me in the dust! To paraphrase the mariners of old: all I ask is a steep uphill climb and a star to sail her by.