Friday, July 10, 2009

125 Things to Love About Mountain Biking

Reason #47:  It's never the same ride.  You can ride the same trail over and over and it's always a different ride every time.

(OK, so I have not actually counted how many things I love about mt. biking and I do not know if this reason is really number 47 -- just throwing out random numbers.  You get the picture).


  1. I love mountainbiking.
    The way I glide.
    The power applied.
    It is justified, glorious!
    A place to think in.
    A heart to love with.
    I know what my soul feels.
    If I could share the breeze in my face with the world,
    it would know it's neighbor.

  2. I couldn't have put it better. Is that an original?

  3. Of course not. Plagiarism is much easier. I had to tweak it a bit to fit mountain biking but it, alas, is not mine. Not that you don't inspire me. Its just that those I have used are so bright and wonderful and any I might write would be dark and sad. For instance...:

    I see the face of you in my minds eye
    Your smile burns a window in my soul
    To know you as my friend...well that would be something
    But something my heart could never pay the toll
    So here I sit, as always, on the outside looking in
    And watch and wait to hear the results
    of the race your bound to win.
    That's all you