Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey We're Not Pu*#ies

Should we be concerned that the some of the road bike cronies actually think that mountain bikers are pu$&ies? I had to pull Kirstie back from a moment that was quite embarrassing for a group of road riders that under estimated a spunky mountain bike babe! Changing a flat tire, incognito between two vehicles on a Sunday 90 degree morning, a group of road riders passed while saying "I wonder where all the mountain bikers are? Bunch of pu#@ies!" Kirstie with hands on hips, lips out, and a dash of attitude took this brief opportunity to jump out from between the vehicles, take a hit for all us mountain bikers and say with a vengeance, hey we are not PUSSIES! After pulling their head from their a_ _, they decided that they were no match for the spunk monster and continued on their spandex ride!

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