Friday, July 3, 2009

Everyone's A Star

Jumps, drops, table tops, ladders, whoops . . . My muscles are aching from head to toe, but I have a huge smile on my face. Tina and I spent the day yesterday at Northstar and had a blast!  We had planned on taking photos to document at least a little of our trip, but neither of us concerned ourselves with that while riding and having the time of our lives -- on our bikes and just in general.  Since there are a lot more trails in the park than we were able to explore yesterday, we are definitely making a return trip soon.  We already have some trails scouted out that we want to hit next time.

Oddly no one who worked at the resort could give us any information about the course for the upcoming Super D race (speculation was because they have not picked a course yet or because it would be unfair to others to share that information with some).  Having never ridden a Super D race, I just hope the course is actually fun and not some boring x-country course.  This remains to be seen . . .
Tina and I relaxing after working hard and having fun all day.  A brochure at Northstar boasts that one run, Livewire, has over 45 jumps.  We did that run at least five times, plus others . . . you do the math.  

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