Friday, July 31, 2009

SUPER Delicious

The Super D up at Northstar last weekend was more than I had hoped it would be. It was tougher . . . and it was a bigger kick than what I anticipated. As with most things there was a favorite and a least favorite part; and the least favorite was the Le Mans start (or as Americans like to spell it 'Lemans.' Le Mans is actually the name of a city in France that was known for it's motoracing and the first French Grand Prix. The "Le Mans start" takes its name from the way racers lined up across the street from their cars and ran across the street and jumped into their cars to begin). Not being the same sport, the two should not share the same lame start.

Now on to my favorite part; which was the long, twisting, obstacle-ridden descent that gave the rider a good 16-25 minute challenge, time depending on your class. It was no boring firebreak trail that I had seen in videos of other Super D races. Along with some peddling (not too much) it was scenic, it was rocky, it was thick powdery dirt and it was FUN!
Tina Wilson - 2nd Place Women's Open Class
Kirstie Douglass - 3rd Place Women's Open Class


  1. Hey East Side chicks, this is a cool blog! Nice work shredding the trails too ;) Mind if I add you to the Martha Hucker blogroll?

  2. Hey Martha! Yes, add us to your blogroll. Love your website!!